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Point Nine started in 1988, and has been continuously profitable since 1992.

Point Nine is dedicated and focused on making the best RF power transistors on the market. 
We produce only our own designs; from concept, through wafer fab, assembly and test. We are a hands-on company, involved in all phases of manufacturing our products. We are able to give our full attention to making gold metalized, metal gate MOSFET's since we choose to not make any other products.

Fred L. Quigg founded Point Nine Technologies in 1988 and has been granted two U.S. TetraFET patents (#5,179,032 and #5,121,176), four worldwide patents and two pending.

Founder Fred L. Quigg has over 25 years experience as a design and process engineer at Motorola, TRW Electronics, Acrian and Polycore RF devices. Furthermore, Mr. Quigg was granted two U.S. Patents (#4,866,492 and #4,877,749) now assigned to Polycore.

When designers need a better MOSFET they use Point Nine RF transistors.
The Q. A. system compliance is MIL-Q-9858, MIL-I-45208 and ISO 9001:2000
Both the Logo (.9) and the name "Point Nine" are trademarked.
We give one week delivery for most products.